Our People

Jonathon Coleman


Jonathon has over 16 years experience in mortgage broking, having worked with Lendworx, Apple Loans, Mortgage Solutions Tasmania and The Home Loan Shop.

He has a vast knowledge in lending and his advice has assisted thousands of clients achieve their property and finance aspirations over his career, from First Home Buyers to Professional Property Investors owning hundreds of properties.

Jonathon takes pride in his work, treating every client with the same organic, transparent and professional work ethic whether the loan is for 10 thousand or 10 million. And he’s a nice guy that’s easy to deal with as well.

Rebeckah Howard


Rebeckah is our Client Services and Compliance Manager and has worked in the finance industry for over 20 years. She worked for Westpac before making the transition to Mortgage Planning.

Rebeckah has a wealth of experience. Her knowledge of the banks’ internal processes and procedures is something that can only be learned by many years of hands-on experience.

Rebeckah works closely with all of our clients to provide a smooth process from start to finish. She is highly regarded for her friendly professionalism and an integral part of our team.

Brian Healey


After working with CBA, ME Bank and more recently MyState Bank over the past 20 years, Brian excels in the assessment of loan applications.

He has a wealth of knowledge in Home Loans, Business Loans and Equipment finance.

So it goes without saying, Brian’s professional background has One Stone Finance perfectly placed to assist you.

If anyone that can find a way to secure a loan for their property, whilst navigating the shifting sands of Bank processes and procedures, its Brian.

Brian is passionate in helping people achieve their goals and understands how the right home loan can do this for them.

Glanny Lowe


After 14 years with Mystate Bank as a Home Loan Underwriter, Glanny has a wealth of experience of the inner workings of Credit Assessment.

As Credit Analyst for One Stone Finance, Glanny’s role is to assist in the preparation and checking of loan applications before they reach the lender.

This part of our process is an invaluable asset to the clients of One Stone Finance. As they say, “prevention is better than cure”.

In this way we can analyse your loan application and deal with as many road blocks as possible before your application is even submitted to the bank.

Glanny is extremely efficient and her knowledge in lending and credit assessment makes her an integral part of our team.

What our clients have to say

Jonathon is fabulous to work with. Very considerate and thorough.


Would recommend them to anyone upset, angry, frustrated or $#ssed off with dealing with impersonal banks! A pleasure to do business with.


I would definitely recommend this company again and recommend it to EVERYONE!


From our first meeting he broke everything down simply before proceeding to the next step. It’s great to have great service. It’s very rare!