Think mortgage planning, not mortgage broking.


One Stone Finance don’t see you as a ‘transaction’ or try to fit you into a prescribed box. We’ll leave that to the banks and to the big end of town.
We play the long game, and get to know your goals and aspirations to plan the right deal to match you. If we do our job properly on your first loan, we hope to see you back for the next one. And the next.
A good loan frees you up to do better things. That why we take a holistic view of where you and your finances are at, so that you can plan for a better financial future.
Because it’s your life, your loan.

We Specialise in home loans for:


First home buyers

Second homes/upgrades

Land and building finance

Self-managed super fund home loans

Commercial loans

Sophisticated investment lending

Reverse mortgages

We can also help you with:


Vehicle & equipment finance (cars, motorbikes, trucks, boats, equipment)
Lending advice

Debt reduction planning

Accountancy advice

Book work

Tax returns and BAS

Super and retirement advice

Managed funds

Life & income protection insurance


Our ethos

One Stone is your financial provider of
confidence, dependabilitY, and stability.

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Our ethos is to break the mould of traditional mortgage broking and start, or rebuild, your journey into the finance world with a strong foundation. Your lifestyle, goals, dreams and aspirations are what truly matter.
Buying a house is the biggest and most important purchase you will ever make, and your loan is what helps you along the way.

Hence our motto, “Your life. Your loan.”

Lightning Right

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